Sunday, July 12, 2020

Art play time

Haven’t posted in a bit but have pulled out my cold wax paints the last few weekends. A number of pieces in the works that I’m not happy with yet but I am with these four. They are smaller at 6 x 6 each for the painted section but I’m loving the colors. 

What have you been working on?

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cleanup time...

Created a few more jewelry pieces for gifts. Well, the copper ring was for me. 
Silver link bracelet and clasp

These two sets of earrings were projects from Kim St. John’s online class, Soldering Trifecta in Wired Jewelry. I wasn’t feeling very creative so a couple class projects were perfect. This first pair isn’t done yet. Going to add a dangled bead. 

Last couple of weekends I’ve been working on finding my studio again underneath all the stuff I had out. It’s time to pull my paints back out. 

Went from this 

To this

Also recovered stools from this 

To this using scrap fabric I bought at Reconsidered Goods in North Carolina last year. 

I have a full time job that thankfully I’m able to do remotely so during this time of quarantine I’m trying to get at least a few of the to do items done on the weekend. Along with staying in touch with family and friends with virtual chat sessions. 

What are you doing to keep some semblance of normal during this time?  Getting any projects done?

Hugs and stay well and safe. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

More Jewelry Making...

Had fun today making a copper ring with this gorgeous labradorite I bought. I used copper solder instead of silver solder and I’m really pleased with how well it blends in. 

Also, here is the completed Azurite ring I made for my mom. Kind of getting the hang of this soldering business. 

Over my Christmas vacation I played with a technique I had seen but never tried where you melt silver solder (the type for stained glass) on copper and then stamp into it. Definitely want to make more of these and am on the hunt for red rubber stamps (can handle the heat) with deep details but not fine details so they show up well. 

Also made a copper bracelet. I enjoy silver but copper calls to me. 

What cool things have you made lately?

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

New Year’s Vacation Play

Having a lovely week of vacation with creativity and rejuvination. Can’t show everything yet because all have been gifties. I can show a silver bracelet I made with 16 gauge sterling silver wire. Made the links with jumbo round pliers and after connecting all of them stretched them into ovals with small round pliers. 

Tried out balling the wire for the first time to make the hook. Definitely easy and gives a nice touch. 

Made some silver earrings but cutting out sterling silver sheet and texturizing with my new Brenda Schaefer Fretz hammers that were a gift from my sister. Love them!

I also started a ring with Azurite that I’ll finish up this week. 

Had fun texturizing the band with the Fretz Raw Silk hammer. 

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful new year and taking time for themselves to start the year off right. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Playing with marbling...

A couple of weeks ago I had a blast learning how to marbleize paper with my good friends Ann and Kevin in their studio/gallery. You have to preplan this process as the water used to float the paint has carrageenan (seaweed stuff) and has to sit overnight. You also have to put an additive in the paint to get the right consistency. Then it is all about colors and patterns. Oh and tools, both bought and homemade. 

Here is the setup and paint floating on the water solution. 

And here are some of the fun papers. Kevin had a ‘recipe’ book on how to comb through the paint for different patterns. 

This was a fun process and I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to use the papers. So many possibilities. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Cold wax fun...

Since my cold wax class last year with Jodi Ohl I’ve been having fun with the medium. I’m also taking Jodi’s online class which I highly recommend. 

These four pieces were actually one sheet of oil paper so each one is about 5x7. I don’t usually work in yellows and greys but it’s good to step out of the safety zone. 

I am still working with the Gelli plate for monotypes and working on going larger. This is more of my favorite colors and is about 15x19. 

What I really like about both mediums is the layers peaking through. 

More to come after my next opportunity to play in the studio.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Crafty down time

Life and work has been very busy and stressful this year so this weekend I designated as lounging in sweats time and leisurely creative time. I have to say that I am very much in my happy place. 

First, I had bought this shelf from Hobby Lobby but wanted to make it more cheerful and add knobs for hanging jewelry from. Still need to hang it but here is before and after.  It is actually more turquoise than the pic shows. 

The other project I completed was a lamp makeover. I had seen some cool lampshades with the wire frame and various fabric strips tied on. The shade that came with the lamp didn’t have wire ribs so had to find an alternate. I bought a lampshade at a thrift store for $5 and stripped off the fabric and then raided my stash of fabric ribbons.   Here is the before and after and live the results. I may add a pom trim later. 

A fun weekend

Last weekend I went to Artworks Vass to learn how to do powder coating with Jean Skipper. We had so much fun and did a bit of metal smithing and some loose wire wrapping techniques. I haven’t put the powder coated pieces to work yet but here are all the fun creations. 

And to top off all the fun, I now have more of my art at Artworks.